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Life after the last step: The Austin Family

From handcrafted steelwork to a custom mustard yellow pool table, Lindsay and Trevor Austin's southeast Calgary basement is as unique as their family. But it wasn't always that way. Entrepreneurship, parenthood, an act of nature... their story has it all.

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BETTER Insights: Checklist for a legal secondary suite in YYC

Think your basement has rental potential? If you’re looking to take the next step and open your basement suite up to tenants, make sure you know your stuff. Check out our five-step checklist to get your secondary suite rental ready (the legal way).

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Life after the last step: The Kelly Family

Having a young family means having a fast-paced life. Veronica and Kade's house wasn't keeping up. Good thing their undeveloped basement was full of potential, waiting to make their home complete.

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